The Daren Innovation Center has been designed to meet the needs of those start-ups projects that need a laboratory and professional scientific support in such fields as Biology, Chemistry, Materials, Agro-tech, Process, Medical equipment and Life science.

The function of the center is to provide our clients most of their logistic needs. This way, the innovator can remain devoted exclusively to his development work, without needing to invest time and money in infrastructure or take upon him self long term commitments. If needed, the innovator can also receive technical and scientific support from experts in relevant fields who will assist in presenting the innovator to potential investors. We encourage entrepreneurs to contact us; together we can hopefully find a way to start your new venture.

Our center is also a place lodging business opportunities. Investors seeking "low profile", early-stage companies with a credible proven proof-of-concept are often on the look and find our center a good place to start. We also often initiate and manage fund-matching operations for companies we recognize as promising.