Daren labs is a chemical consulting company, founded by Dr. Steve Daren, with wide ranging experience and capabilities aimed at solving problems in plastics, polymers, materials, bio, agro - and organic chemistry. Daren labs expertise is in polymerizations, polymer-inorganic nanocomposites, catalysis, and optical properties of plastics, flame-retardants and hydro gels. During its 20 years of existence the company has solved hundreds of problems ranging from traditional industry such as concrete additives to high- tech including nanotechnology and biotech such as artificial insemination. It is amazing but polymers have a role to play in all of these and our client list reflects this. In addition we provide laboratory space and facilities for our many start-up clients. The combination of our experience with energetic new comers has proven to be highly synergistic. For more information about our facilities and activities, please contact us